Ninique's Minidollz

Dollz - Rules

This is my collection of hand-drawn pixel dolls. Before you browse through them, please read these few rules:

  • You are welcome to adopt any of my dolls, unless it has this icon: no adopt icon underneath it.
  • Credit me with a link to me on your site if you adopt something, preferably on the page where my doll appears.
  • Do not put my dolls on your site and claim you made them.
  • Do not direct-link.
  • Do not alter any of my dolls.
  • Do not remove my pixel signature (if there is one).
  • Do not use pieces of my dolls to make your own pixel dolls (Frankendolling) or to put in dollmakers.
  • Do not use my dolls to make web layouts, blinkies, graphics, or in any other publication.
  • Do not use my dolls for monetary profit.

Meaning of icons

base credit icon
Hover on this icon to view base credit. Click on it to go to the base creator's website.
base no longer online icon
The website the base is from is no longer online. In this case I'm linking either to the base creator's new site, if I can find it (even if it has nothing to do with pixel dolls), or to the site's archive in the Wayback Machine.
image reference icon
You'll find this icon on dolls which were inspired by other people's work. Click it to view the image reference.
no adopt icon
This doll is not adoptable.