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October 29, 2010

I'm really busy with my university studies, so I haven't had much time to doll recently. I still was able to squish in the making of one new doll, a little firefly faerie.

August 21, 2010

One new doll. It's a for the Glam 50's vintage collab that's going on ;)


EDIT: Sorry, I made a mistake in the link to download. Should be working now :)

Soooo, here comes my bigger update! I've added a new section to the site: the code section, and in it you can now download my Dollmaker Script! I know a lot of people were asking for it. . . so I finally got around to getting it up on here. This script is meant for making your own dollmakers. You can use it with PHP, in which case it's super easy to update (just put some files into the right folders and you're done) or if you don't have PHP, you can still use it (though you'll then have to manually add in all the files)

Go check it out now!

I'm not quite sure that a "code" section is really the best way of putting this on my site or not. . . originally I wanted to put it on my Collaborative Dollmaker's site, but that project is dead now. (I took it offline. The coding was rushed and had some security and compatibility issues, and I just can't get around to do what I wanted to do with it. I'm suspending it so that it doesn't become a mess.) I'm thinking I'll probably release some other scripts in the future in that section, but if I don't I'll then try to find a better place to put the dollmaker.

I have one new doll: my portrait for the TG yearbook. I had a bigger update planned *pokes twitter feed*, but I'm leaving on vacation in a couple days and I don't think I'll make it with the update before I'm gone. So it will go to next week ;)

On another note, I came in 3rd runner up at BOTR! yay! Well. . . the scoring was kinda confusing though and I personally feel like I didn't do as well as I could, especially seeing as I did my dolls more and more at the last minute as the rounds went on. But oh well. It was fun XD.

May 6, 2010

I've finished my last BOTR entry doll. I really finished it at the last minute for the contest. . . I just realized that I completely forgot to draw in her fins though lol. . . lets just say they uhh. . . got cut off in battle O.o

Wish me luck in this last round of the pageant!

May 6, 2010

Just one new doll: a remake of an old doll that I had never actually finished. It's the one from my MS Paint Pattern tutorial. I had the idea to remake it because of TG's polkadot contest, but I wasn't able to finish on time because it was during the end of my semester at uni. . . so I decided to still do the remake, but just for fun.

May 6, 2010

Absolute Positioning for Centered Layouts

I've got a new tutorial! Not for dolling, but for making website layouts. In it I explain how to properly center a layout where you place absolute-positioned content. . . because I'm really tired of seeing all these doll sites that get messed up when viewed at a different screen resolution than that in which the author made it.

Also, I've finally fixed the contact page. It's been broken for months and I didn't realize it until I noticed that no one was sending me messages lol. So now, if you've got a long message to send me or a question that isn't easily answered in the tagboard, you can send me a message in my contact form

May 1, 2010

I'm baaack! I'm done with my semester at uni, so I have more time for dolling now XD. I'll be trying to update every 2 weeks at least for the next several months.

One new doll - my second-round entry for BOTR. I had to rush it a lot because I only had a few days between my last exam and the deadline for the contest, so there are some things I don't like *as much* about it (like the water) but overall, I'm happy with it. Wish me luck in the contest! (and if you want and think I deserve it, you can go vote for me for people's choice)

March 29, 2010

I'm going on a mini-hiatus for the next four weeks. I really need to get some final projects done for school and I want to avoid procrastinating. So I won't have time to update, or be around GLAM! or DeviantArt during that time. I should be back towards the end of April, in time to make the entry for the next round of BOTR (because I passed first round! yay!).

March 15, 2010

Here's my long-awaited entry for BOTR. I'm finally finished it yay! You can find it in the 'series' section of my doll gallery. I'm thinking of moving all the pageant dolls over to Characters though, but I'm not sure if it would really be better or not. What do you guys think?

March 12, 2010

Just a quick update today. I made some minor changes to the CSS and fixed a few bugs around the site. (yeah, like the one where I forgot to actually upload MahouBunnyBell's base edit when I posted it last time! oops). I'm displaying my pixel dolls in the home page in a slightly different way now, so you don't have to go hunt for them in the dollz section for base credits.

I'm still working on my BOTR entry. It's almost done, but not quite because I'm having a hard time with some parts. I'm aiming for finishing it this weekend though.

February 27, 2010

One new doll in the gothic section. Also I updated the page for the Tulia base to include the wonderful edit by MahouBunnyBell that she submitted to Pixistar. Don't forget, if you've done an edit of one of my bases, you can send it in or upload it to pixistar, and I'll put it up too.

Also I'm entering in the Battle of the Races pageant in the Mermaid species. I'm really excited as I haven't entered a pageant since Miss Doll International 2006. . . That's like, when pageants first started to get popular. (before that it was just normal contests.)

February 15, 2010

Nothing new actually, I've been quite busy with school projects in the recent weeks so I couldn't do very much in terms dolling. Anyway I'm actually updating because I know that some of you people are comming here looking for Libby from Watermelon Bubblegum (as shown by the following screenshot from my site stats, she's the sixth most common google search term that people type in to end up here, and that's only because I mentioned her once or twice in my news)

Proof that people come here looking for Libby.

Well, I've got good news for you: She's back online! So stop looking for her here (not that I mind the extra traffic) and go visit her at her new domain. . . and hopefully google will update soon and you guys will stop stalking other dollers on the wrong site (not that I mind the extra traffic lol).

January 25, 2010

I made a new avatar for myself, since the one I had previously was waaaayy old.

Also, I've done a little maintenance for base credit links. I decided that for dollsites that don't exist anymore, I would link the doller's current artistic endeavor, or DA account if they had one. If I couldn't find anything, I put a link to the old site's Wayback Machine. Some of the doller's bases have actually been archived onto there, so I think it will be more useful than a link that leads nowhere. Besides, broken links aren't generally a good thing to have on a website, especially when it comes to those poor google crawlies that might fall into them.

December 30, 2009

One new doll on my Tulia base. It took me forever to make her, but I'm really happy with the result. I especially like the dithered gradient, which is something new that I tried.

December 23, 2009

MS Paint Base Tutorial

I had some free time, and was very excited about my base tutorial, so I managed to finish it today! So there you go, my long-awaited tutorial on making bases in MS Paint. Hope you guys like it!

December 22, 2009


I made a new base! It's called Tulia and has eight poses (only one skintone for now though). I made it for a requested tutorial on making bases in MS Paint. The tutorial isn't quite finished though, so I'll be putting it up after Christmas.

December 10, 2009

One new doll. I still have to get used to working in Pixen, but it's getting better.

I've made some minor changes to the coding of the site. It should load a little bit faster now, and I have a primitive news archive system for the news on this page so it doesn't get too long, as well as a spiffy favicon! (look in your addressbar) Also, I've started translating my rules into other languages. If your operating system/browser is set to french, you should be seeing french rules as well as the english ones. I'll be adding dutch rules in the next few days.

On this note, I am looking for a Swedish speaker who can translate my rules for dolls, bases, and tutorials into that language. If interested, you can contact me about it.

November 20, 2009

I'm slowly starting to get back into things. The above doll is the first I ever tried making in Pixen, a software for making pixel art on the Mac.

The dollmaker that I was talking about in the last post is now online. You can go see it here. I guess you could consider it to be in beta right now, as it's online but only has things I was required to do for my course. I have some plans on making it better in the future, but it is still functional right now and you can submit to it if you so wish :D.

October 29, 2009

This isn't an update as much as it is an announcement. You might have seen this posted on a doll forum already, but I really need to get the word out.

Basically, for one of my classes, I need to do something that uses a MySQL database to do something artistic, so I had the idea of making a collaborative dollmaker. However, I need some clothing pieces to get this started, and it's due in 1 week (November 5).

Anyone who can doll can collaborate. Basically, make a piece of clothing on This base and then send it to me at minidollz_contact [at]

Please make sure that:

  • - It's on the right base (see above)
  • - It's no larger than 200x200 px
  • - It's saved as a transparent .png
  • - You include your name and URL(if you have one) for credit.

August 25, 2009

For Newbies: Skirt

I'm a little late with the "For Newbies" tut this week. . . I'm sorry about that. Still, it's up now. This week I'm showing something quite important: Folds (or rather, a long skirt with folds XD)

I also did some base-credit maintenance again, because Josie's Dollz is back! XD

August 15, 2009

For Newbies: Shoes For Newbies: Before You start

Today we've got not one, but two new tutorials in the "For Newbies" series. One of them, "setting up your canvas" actually goes before the tutorial that I released last week, but I only realised that something was missing after last week's launch. Since it is quite short, I am also releasing a shoe tutorial (also something that is short).

I've also done a little updating of base credits, because Libby's website (AKA Watermelon Bubblegum) is no longer online. It makes me kind of sad that so many of the great sites I used to go to are no longer online. . . but I guess I just have to get more involved in the community to get to know newer sites.

August 8, 2009

For Newbies: Shirt

New tutorial in my "for newbies" series: how to make a shirt.

August 1, 2009

I'm starting a new tutorial series, entitled "For Newbies", geared towards...(obviously) newbies in dolling. A lot of the tutorials on this series were originally made for a school project I did a couple years ago in Adobe Flash. I decided, rather to just publish the flash project I did to rewrite and reformat everything so I can publish it on here. Right now there is only one tutorial up:"Before you start". It explains all about the tools one would need for dolling. I will be releasing new tutorials in this series at the rate of one each weekend until I finish the series.

Also, I've put up one new doll. This is the first doll I've made in over a year. . .I really feel rusty, especially when shading hair. It feels very strange, it's like I remember how to do it but I don't have the hand for it anymore. I guess it'll come back when I make more dolls. I hope I'll be able to find time for it and practice ;)

July 10, 2009

Making Palettes

As promised, I've got a new tutorial up on the site. It's a tutorial for making palettes in MSPaint. It's nothing fancy but I'm hoping this could be a useful technique.

More tutorials comming soon ;)

July 3rd, 2009

Yayyyy!!! I *finally* finished everything and uploaded the new layout and the whole shebang XD. It really was quite an overhaul, but it should bring a wave of fresh air to Ninique's Minidollz. On top of the layout, I needed to update the coding of all the pages to comply with the current web standards, and went through every single base link to make sure it was current. There are a couple of things that I still need to do, but they are minor details, so I should be fixing them in the next few days.

You'll also notice that I removed a few pages/sections from the site. The reason why I did this is because I wanted to simplify the navigation and also really concentrate this site on what you guys come here for: Dollz, Bases, and especially tutorials. The contest section and the Display case are completely gone, because I honestly don't have time to take care of those things anymore, and as they were I didn't feel like they added to the site. The art section is also gone, but will be soon relocated onto my main domain, where I'll be putting my portfolio.

I also have a few new tutorials in the making that will be coming soon, but for now I just wanted to get everything up as soon as I could (I mean, you guys already waited waaaay too long for this). Be on the lookout for this in the next couple weeks!

As a side note, if any of you are coming here from, PLEASE update your link to The main domain will be eventually used for my portfolio website, so you won't be able to access here directly through it.

June 3rd, 2009

Look! It's an update! XD. Well actually, it's not exactly an update since I haven't put anything new up on the site. I am currently working on a new layout and making some changes to the site. Because I'm working full time, this is taking a bit longer than I originally thought it would. It will be ready as soon as possible, I promise. Until then, you can find me on Twitter where I'll be posting all the latest updates on this.

March 8th, 2009

Someone has brought up to my attention that my bases were not displaying properly. Its all fixed now: it was an issue with the .htaccess file that I had uploaded when my site crashed. . . it had the old address to the site on it, so that's why it didn't work. I'm sorry for any inconvenience that it might have created. I know I haven't been dolling much lately. I've been very busy recently with university and started spending a lot of my online time on neopets (my username there is ninique2000). I'm planning on maybe revamping my site in mid-april, when I finish my semester at uni. We'll see how things go. . .

September 20, 2008

As you may or may not know, on September 14, 2008, I did a really bad mistake in that I completely deleted the whole contents of the public_html folder on my web server. What happened is that I wanted to delete an extra FTP account that was linked to the public_html folder, and I misclicked on "Delete this account and the folder public_html" by accident.

I'm currently in the process of putting everything back so some of the sections may or may not work, depending on how far along I am with the uploading process. I'm going to try and upload the most used sections (dollz, tutorials, bases) first so that these are accessible as early as possible, but please be patient

Most of the content was fortunately backed up but some of it (the later additions to the site, contest entries, etc) wasn't. Also I completely lost my cutenews installation and all the cutenews data. I'm not sure if I will actually bother with reinstalling cutenews right now, as I don't really update much these days but we'll see.

If you were hosted by me, I unfortunatly have not backed up any of your data. I know that my hostees have not updated their sites in a long time, so I'm not sure what to do about them. If you were hosted by me and want me to set you up on my server again, please email me.