Ninique's Minidollz

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Screen name:
Montreal, Qc, Canada
University Student; Web and Graphic designer
Dolling & Pixel Art, Drawing, Making websites, Learning geeky things
Operating System:
Mac OSX. But I've ran Kubuntu and Windows XP in the past.

I started dolling in April 2002. I had seen lots of palace-type pixel dolls before then, mainly on a chat program I used to have, called Virtual Places, but for the longest time I never knew they were called dolls. I had always wondered who had drawn them, and never considered that it was many different people. One day, I found out that these pretty pixel girls were called "dollz" (back then people spelled it with a Z) by seeing someone who were giving them for adoption on Neopets, so a quick search on Google brought me over to DollzMania. From there, I eventually ended up on Josie's Dollz. She had a few tutorials, and so I started dolling by following those.

I opened this site on August 11, 2002. I called it "Ninique's Minidollz" because at that time, I only ever made dolls on "mini" bases. (Back then the base types weren't specific to a particular doller. Most people made bases in two styles: "prep" and "mini".)

I'm a pixelshader and I use mostly MS Paint for dolling. I have it set up to run under Wine on my Mac, and I complement it with Photoshop CS3, and a lovely bamboo fun tablet (1st generation). Earlier in my dolling carreer, I used to use a program called Serif Photoplus to make toolshaded dolls, but now prefer using a simpler program. (and I totally can't live without MS Paint's cuuuurve tooool!)