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Tutorials - Gothic Corset

First you have to choose a base and a palette. Obviously, I'm using a black palette since this is a gothic corset, but you can choose whatever colours you want. I labeled the shades A, B, C, D and E for easy reference.

  1. step 1

    The first step is to draw the outline with colour A. Use the curve tool for this. If the base is large enough, try to make the sides curve in a few pixels into the outline of the body (because corsets usually make you look thinner than you are)

  2. step 2

    With the curve tool, draw the two seams, curving out at to center of the breasts and back inwards at the waist. You may want to use the curve tool in two moves to do this. If you want, you can copy/paste one curve onto the other side to make them equal.

  3. step 3

    Still with the curve tool, draw the bottom outline. The sides should curve in like with a regular top, and the center curve out so that there are two "points" at the edgesof the seems.

  4. step 4

    Erase all the body under the corset. You can keep the lines under the breasts to use them as guides.

  5. step 5

    Fill the area with colour D

  6. step 6

    Start shading the sides of the corset with colour B. Trace the underbreast lines with this colour and then make them so that they become thicker as you move to the sides. Also make them a little less round (Most corsets tend to make the underbreast line less prominant as they push the breasts upwards)

  7. step 7

    Continue shading with colour C. Join the breastlines toghether with this colour.

  8. step 8

    Start drawing little creases with colours B and C. These should be very subtle, especially the darker ones. Shade also one pixel along the interior of the seems. Make little creases there too.

  9. step 9

    Now comes the highlight. The key is to first draw them, and then modify them to create the jagged outlines. If you make them zigzaggy in the first place, they will scribble-shaded. Most highlights go in the center, but you should also have a few pixels outside the seems.

  10. variation 1

    Variation 1:It's now time to give your corset some details. In this varation, I went for a romantic-goth look by adding lace and laces (that sounded funny lol). I shaded the little metal parts according to the curve of the body. The laces are just a couple shades darker than the rest of the corset. Making them all the outline colour makes it look a bit flat so try to avoid it.

  11. variation 2

    Variation 2:This second variation goes for a more vampirical look. I extended the two seems downwards to make the points more prominent, while keeping the center bottom edge at the same angle. I also added two red ribbons sewn to the seems

  12. variation 3

    Variation 3:This last variation, a fetish-goth look is the one I decided to keep. I added more highlights to make the corset look like it's made out of leather. These highlights are only of one or two pixels. I also added three buckles holding the corset tight.

Final Result:

result doll

Here's my final fetish-goth doll. I completed the look with a leather skirt, platform boots, and accessories.