Ninique's Minidollz

Tutorials - Hair

You've got your doll all dressed up and everything. . .she's beautiful but there's just one little problem: She's bald! Of course there are a lot of different way to make her hair; This is a technique I developed for Serif Photoplus. I am showing here both straight hair and wavy hair with bangs, but the steps are basically the same for both.

  1. On a new layer named "hair" and with the darkest colour, draw the hairline and the top of the hair, which needs to be just a little higher and wider than the end of the base used.

  2. After, draw the rest of the hair. The best way of doing this if you are doing straight hair would be with the line tool (note that the line does not have to be vertical) and if you are doing wavy hair would be by drawing it free hand.

  3. Now we have to draw the strands. This is completely up to you but usually, I draw them in with the darkest colour and alternate gaps of one pixel and two pixels between them.

  4. Close the open areas on the layer and flood-fill all the strands with the fill bucket. Then select all of the areas you just filled in with the magic wand (To select more than one area at the time, keep your finger on the shift key while doing your selection.) You might know by now that I hate working with "ants" around what I select and the I hide them by going into Select>Show Marquee.

  5. With the second brush of the second row and with the second darkest colour, draw the "darker" parts of the hair. (I've done this in green to show exactly where to shade but do it in the right colour. . .)

  6. With the same brush and the lightest colour, draw the highlights in the hair. (I've done this in green to show exactly where to shade but do it in the right colour. . .) Don't forget to press Ctrl+D to deselect when you're done this.

Final Result:

result doll

I finally settled on the straight look. Here, I darkened the colour by going in Hue/Saturation/Lightness to match the doll's gothic look.