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Tutorials - Wings

Wings are sometimes hard to do because they are very large and very flat, so to make them interesting, you need to give them a nice design. I discovered this technique by playing around with blur effects in Serif Photoplus while making Druza.

  1. We assume that the doll's clothes and hair is already made. So first, you need to add a new layer called "wings" between the layer you have your body on and the background layer. (my background layer is named "white" in the pic)

  2. Now, on the layer named "wings", free-handly draw the shape of a wing. It may take several attempts before you get one that you like. . . especially when you're a beginner at this

  3. Hide all the layers except the wing layer and clean the wings up so that they are one pixel thick. Make sure that they are closed so that you can flood fill them

  4. Select the wing and copy it on the other side. (Press Ctrl+C, bring the selection on the other side and press Ctrl+Shift+L) Go to Image>Flip Horizontally>Selection to flip it and use the move tool to align it to the other wing. Then, press Ctrl+D to deselect. You can now flood-fill the wings using a lighter colour and select the inside using the magic wand (I've hidden the marquee by going into Select>Show Marquee

  5. Click on the little arrow besides the flood-fill tool and in the tool properties tab, set it to Dissolve with the fill type set to Radial and the opacity to 100 and 0

  6. Make the colour you flood-filled the wings your background colour and any colour you want your foreground colour. Still with the gradient-set flood-fill tool, draw a line going from the middle of the chest to the tip of one wing. It should look something like the image

  7. Draw some squiggly lines on each wing. One with a dark colour, and one with a light colour

  8. Go to Image>Blur>Blur Effects and set the Blur type to Zoom and the intensity to somewhere between 20 and 40. In other words, play around with the slider until you find something you like. Then, click on OK.

    Tip: this works better if the doll is on the middle of the canvas)

  9. Go to Image>Adjust>Hue/Saturation/Lightness and play around with the Hue slider until you get something you like. . . This step isn't necessary: you can keep the colour you had before if you like.

    After clicking on OK, don't forget to deselect the wings by pressing Ctrl+D on your Keyboard!

Final Result:

result doll

Here's the final doll. See my Sari Tutorial to find out how I made the dress.